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fall ideas-- apples are always in season

Autumnal Inspiration and the Loveliest Fall Ideas to Prepare for the Season

Whether you live in a land of falling leaves or a place where you are still planning beach days, here are a few fall ideas that will prepare your home and family for this beautiful season. Some are about cleaning, some are about creating, but all of these pieces of inspiration will hopefully give you some fall ideas for your family that will make you feel warm and cozy inside!

Do a Toy Sweep

This is one of the easiest fall ideas for getting yourself in a good headspace. The holidays are just around the corner, and that usually means an increase in toys. No matter how mindful I am when planning out Christmas gifts, we always wind up with many more things than I would like. So I use this early autumn period to do a thorough toy sweep. First I round up all the toy clutter and make sure everything goes back to its proper place. Then I throw out or repair any broken toys. Next, all the summery water toys get put away for next spring. After that, I get a big bin and put aside all the toys that haven’t been played with recently– these will go in the garage until next year, when we will decide whether to keep or donate them. I’ll pare back the toys rather aggressively, to give us a bit of white space and prepare for the holidays. The children honestly never seem to mind at all.

fall ideas-- go beyond just apple picking

Clean the Hidden Workhorses

Perhaps you have a detailed cleaning schedule for all the little nooks and crannies of your home, but if you are like me, then you just wing it most days! I like to use the spring and autumn equinoxes to take a look at some of the hidden workhorses of my home and give them a thorough cleaning. This means I am checking ceiling fans, air purifier filters, vacuum filters and bags, water filters, and any table or box fans that have been overworked this summer. I like to clean, replace, or fix what needs attention, so that the air we breathe and the water we drink is as pure and nourishing as possible.

Clean your Shoes

This feels a little silly to ask, but how often do you clean your family’s shoes? Fall is the perfect time to assess everyone’s footwear, replacing what is necessary, and cleaning what will be staying. Shoes track all sorts of sand and dirt and germs around, and it is nice to make sure everything gets a refresh before being put away for the season, or staying around through the fall. Use your washing machine, a magic eraser, vinegar and baking soda, or even just gentle soap and water, to make sure everything gets a good scrubbing.

Fall ideas-- bread baking!

Bake Bread (or take a trip to the bakery!)

Alright, enough with the cleaning and on to the creating! If you are lucky enough to welcome the cool weather that traditionally goes along with autumn, then baking bread should be at the top of your list. Baking bread is a beautiful way to symbolize a connection to our ancestors, to provide something inexpensive and nourishing for your family, and a way to bring some warmth to those increasingly chilly nights! If, however, you live in the American West (as I currently do), then you might be hesitant to turn on your oven. If this is the case, make a special trip with your family to a local bakery. Practice mindfulness as you enter, taking note of the fresh yeasty smells. Pick our a few loaves and treats, and take them home for a simple supper of fresh bread, green salad, and maybe a wedge of cheese. Whether you bake your own or visit a bakery, make a point of sharing a simple meal with your family and root into the feelings of togetherness.

The Sweetest Fall Idea: Read some seasonal poetry with your children

There are so many delightful poetry books for children available, and many of them have a seasonal focus. Pick out a few autumnal poems and read them together over tea and a freshly baked treat. Poetry Tea Time (so coined by homeschool guru Julie Bogart), is a wonderful activity for all families, regardless of whether they are homeschooling or not! We give ours a German slant as a nod to our heritage, calling it Poesie Kuchenzeit, or poetry cake time, and it is a much-anticipated activity!

Fall ideas-- poetry teatime with apple cake

Fall Ideas for Peaceful Days

My goal with this list of fall ideas was to help you think of things that don’t just revolve around apple picking, pumpkin spice lattes, and warm sweaters. I am currently writing this on a 95 degree day in late September, so I empathize with you if you aren’t quite ready for all things autumn yet! Hopefully you can enjoy these cozy vibes and get your home and family ready for this beautiful change in seasons.

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