Hi, I'm Kristina. 

I became a mother after years of dreaming, cooking, writing, and helping others communicate their work to the world. I lost myself in motherhood, as so many of us do, and struggled to find a foothold in this fast-paced, modern world we inhabit. I longed for the communities of my ancestors, and felt the competing pull of technology and a slower lifestyle; the overwhelming pressure that our patriarchal society heaps upon mothers; and the contradictory loneliness of being constantly surrounded by my children yet always feeling alone. 

"I want us to discover ways to come home to ourselves, and thus make the world a kinder place."

I have always been a writer, working on my own essays, poems, and articles while tending to food and beverage clients to make a living. In 2022, I decided it was time to reach new audiences with video, and launched my YouTube channel, The Ancestral Homekeeper. The immediately positive reception told me that there were others like me out there in the world, others who longed for a slower and simpler life within a more just society. Through the timeless practical homekeeping skills of our ancestors: cooking, gardening, and handicrafts; along with a solid foundation in self-nurturing, mindfulness practices, and parenting philosophies rooted in respect, I believe we can all find our way to a calm and peaceful world. 

Important Messages + A Disclaimer

Growing Homes is based in Marin County, California, on unceeded Coast Miwok lands. 

Black Lives Matter.

Hi, I’m Kristina, and I use she/her pronouns.

I am not a licensed therapist. I am not a professional chef or dietician. My post-high school education focused on comparative religion, spirituality, and meditation, and my pre-family career was built in food, wine, hospitality, and communications. Today, I am a writer and a mother, and my goal is simply to share the things that have helped me in this life. All of my work here at Growing Homes is to help serve you-- take what works for you and leave what doesn't. Please seek help from a professional, licensed therapist or a registered dietician if you have concerns beyond the scope of what I cover here.