Growing Homes gives parents the confidence to teach their children practical home skills while helping create calmer, happier, more peaceful families.


Have you ever dreamed of a simpler way of living? A life that feel less rushed? An easier time getting your kids to eat, tidy, or get along with each other? More confidence and less overwhelm? 

We may not have the close-knit villages and family connections that our ancestors had, and we may not be fully confident in our own home-keeping skills. We may be short-tempered, and feel that it is impossible to juggle parenting, relationships, a career, housework, and time for ourselves. 

Growing Homes was founded on the belief that through a blend of respectful parenting tools, approachable mindfulness & self-nurturing  practices, and timeless skills of simple cooking, gardening, cleaning, and practical crafts, modern parents can forge a new path to creating happy, peaceful families. 

With a growing library of free resources, essays, workshops, courses, and books, Growing Homes seeks to serve as inspiration for creating your own calm and joyful home. 

Our Mission ...

Help Parents feel Calm and Confident while raising kind and capable Children

teach how to incorporate ancestral HOME KEEPING skills into modern day life

SHARE respectful parenting and mindfulness tools to nurture peaceful homes 

Hi, I'm Kristina. 

I became a mother after years of dreaming, cooking, writing, and helping others communicate their work to the world. I lost myself in motherhood, as so many of us do, and struggled to find a foothold in this fast-paced, modern world we inhabit. I longed for the communities of my ancestors, and felt the competing pull of technology and a slower lifestyle; the overwhelming pressure that our patriarchal society heaps upon mothers; and the contradictory loneliness of being constantly surrounded by my children yet always feeling alone. 

"Growing Homes is my way of helping parents come home to themselves."

I founded Growing Homes as a way to share the things that have helped me to find my center-- to rebalance myself in a modern world. Through the timeless practical homekeeping skills of our ancestors: cooking, gardening, and handicrafts; along with a solid foundation in self-nurturing, mindfulness practices, and parenting philosophies rooted in respect, I believe we can all find our way to a calm and peaceful home. 

Courses & Workshops

Do you feel called to explore ancestral homekeeping, mindfulness, incorporating ritual into your daily life, and feeling calmer and more grounded at home? 


Important Messages + A Disclaimer

Growing Homes is based in Marin County, California, on unceeded Coast Miwok lands. 

Black Lives Matter.

Hi, I’m Kristina, and I use she/her pronouns.

I am not a licensed therapist. I am not a professional chef or dietician. My post-high school education focused on comparative religion, spirituality, and meditation, and my pre-family career was built in food, wine, hospitality, and communications. Today, I am a writer and a mother, and my goal is simply to share the things that have helped me in this life. All of my work here at Growing Homes is to help serve you-- take what works for you and leave what doesn't. Please seek help from a professional, licensed therapist or a registered dietician if you have concerns beyond the scope of what I cover here.