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Fall Ideas to Get Your Family into the Autumn Spirit

Autumnal Inspiration and the Loveliest Fall Ideas to Prepare for the Season Whether you live in a land of falling leaves or a place where you are still planning beach days, here are a few fall ideas that will prepare your home and family for this beautiful season. Some are about cleaning, some are about […]


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Cherry Tomato Tart

Growing Homes Cherry Tomato Tart

An Elegant Summer Dish that is also Family-Friendly I have long loved this simple Cherry Tomato Tart recipe that manages to capture the beauty of summer in an elegant yet child-pleasing dish. I was initially inspired by David Lebovitz’s wonderful recipe from his blog, which is filled with delicious French recipes and captivating tales. I […]


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The Clean 15

Vegetables from the garden

What is the the Dirty Dozen & the Clean Fifteen and How Can the EWG Help Us Consume Fewer Pesticides? The EWG, or Environmental Working Group, is an organization dedicated to helping people “live healthier lives in a healthier environment.” They conduct meticulous scientific research, lobby the government for public health and environmental concerns, and […]


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5 Healthy No-Recipe Dinner Ideas for Picky Toddlers

Crudite for DInner

If you have a picky toddler, it can feel impossible to come up with healthy dinner ideas that don’t require a ton of advance planning or prep work. Salmon sweet potato cakes or cauliflower chicken nuggets are wonderful healthy dinner recipe ideas for picky toddlers, but sometimes you need something super fast and super easy […]


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The Best Way to Gain More Confidence in the Kitchen

Making rainbow pizza vith a variety of vegetables

Do you feel confidence in your kitchen abilities? Does the idea of cooking a multi-course meal from scratch make you feel fear or shame? What about when it comes to teaching your kids kitchen skills— do you have the confidence you need to feel comfortable leading the way for your children?  Imagine this scenario, and […]


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9 Reasons Why you Should Teach Your Toddler To Cook

toddler chopping summer squash

Most of us know that teaching our kids to cook is a good idea— but is it possible to teach your toddler to cook, and why on earth would you want to? Why might it be a fabulous idea to begin to teach your toddler to cook, even though they seem like chaos muppets who […]


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