The quintessential kid's favorite, now made more nourishing with cauliflower and designed simply enough for you to tackle in the kitchen with your children.

Chicken Nuggets

This 10-page recipe guide is not like any other recipe you've ever experienced. We've taken each ingredient, each step, and broken them down into their tiniest building blocks so that you can exactly understand the how, what, and why we make them this way. Each detailed stage includes ways you can get your kids involved, troubleshooting when things go sideways, and possible substitutions to adapt this recipe to your family's tastes and needs.

This isn't just another chicken nugget recipe. This is a blueprint for successful time in the kitchen with your children.  

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Hi, I'm Kristina. 

I became a mother after years of dreaming, cooking, writing, and helping others communicate their work to the world. I lost myself in motherhood, as so many of us do, and struggled to find a foothold in this fast-paced, modern world we inhabit. I longed for the communities of my ancestors, and felt the competing pull of technology and a slower lifestyle; the overwhelming pressure that our patriarchal society heaps upon mothers; and the contradictory loneliness of being constantly surrounded by my children yet always feeling alone. 

"Growing Homes is my way of helping parents come home to themselves."

I founded Growing Homes as a way to share the things that have helped me to find my center-- to rebalance myself in a modern world. Through the timeless practical homekeeping skills of our ancestors: cooking, gardening, and handicrafts; along with a solid foundation in self-nurturing, mindfulness practices, and parenting philosophies rooted in respect, I believe we can all find our way to a calm and peaceful home. 

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Do you feel called to explore ancestral homekeeping, mindfulness, incorporating ritual into your daily life, and feeling calmer and more grounded at home?