The Keys to a Calm Kitchen

The Book

No matter what your current cooking skill level is, you can create and maintain a calm kitchen. The kind of kitchen that children love to be in and that helps you turn out beautiful, healthy, delicious meals. A warm and comforting place that helps you feel connected to your ancestors and your children in a way you might not have known was possible. A place that, while free from perfection, always feels perfect for your family. 

In this book, I present you with the four main pillars to maintaining a calm kitchen in a way that will increase your confidence and can help give your kids the foundation for a lifetime of practical skills. Your entire family can feel calmer, more capable, and full of joy. 

Topics covered ...

concrete steps to build a powerful self Nurturing practice, and why its vital for your success

The Four Main Pillars to a Calm Kitchen

why a calm kitchen is the heart of a thriving and joyful family

The best tools, tips, and resources to support you and Your Children 

Five Delicious, Reliable, Nourishing Recipes that will please toddlers, kids, and Parents

... and more

Meet the Author

I founded Growing Homes on the belief that through a blend of respectful parenting tools, approachable mindfulness & self-nurturing practices, and timeless skills of simple cooking, gardening, cleaning, and practical crafts, modern parents can forge a new path to creating happy, peaceful families. 

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